Keenan Headshot-1

I am a North County San Diego based photographer focused mainly on headshots, portraits, and weddings. I am passionate about capturing the special moments people share together whether it is a senior getting ready to go through their last year of high school, a family wishing to capture the perfect family moment, or a couple celebrating their wedding day. 

In addition to capturing portraits, I also enjoy capturing landscapes and seascapes in my free time. This is where my love and passion for photography started. I have had the pleasure of following in the footsteps of some world class photographers in the area as well as some of the greatest photographers from around the world.  Chances are you will run into me at the beach one evening catching the sunset or on one of the trails at Yosemite. 

When I am not booked or on one of my many great adventures, I love to volunteer my time and helping hand. I am always looking for new ways to show off God's beautiful creations!

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